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Dear customer,
The container sector, as well as the transport sector in general, continues to face extremely high prices and delays. In order to minimise the impact of delays to our delivery availability, we keep our products coming in, so that you never have empty shelves in your shop.

Our negotiating position helps us keep prices sharp for both products and transport, but we see these extreme costs continuing certainly until mid-2023. Due to these developments, which we expect you will recognise in your business operations and home situation, the description ‘temporary’ does not currently apply. The logistics industry indicates that by mid-2023, we will see the introduction of many new container ships, and that these ships will also be more fuel-efficient. The situation on the energy market is also currently having a major impact on transport costs. You can expect us to continue to monitor the situation closely and, of course, to keep you informed. In practical terms, nothing changes for you compared with the situation as before. For the sake of clarification: Paid delivery remains paid delivery. In fact, nothing changes for you.

Kind regards,